We’ve produced custom scores and sound beds for corporate and nonprofit projects with Designsensory, a national design and marketing agency.

STEM Scouts
Knoxville TVA
TN Reconnect

Loch & Key Productions

Loch & Key produces visual projects for corporate, nonprofit and government clients. We work in tandem to customize sounds that enhance their visuals and bring the right energy to the final story.

AC Entertainment

Pitchwire provides a customized recording experience for AC Entertainment to capture the celebrated sounds of the annual Big Ears Music Festival.


PitchWire works with PopFizz to produce corporate videos, episodic works and multi-tiered commercials. Our work is diverse and rich, requiring all types of custom sound services, from foley creation and music beds to voiceover.

The Brother's Ray

Our team developed a library of custom instruments that made up the sounds for the original music of "This World Alone."


Matt Honkonen and Pitchwire helped bring our concept to life. Brainstorming around the score for Kalamata was one of the single coolest parts of this entire creative project.

Derek Wallace, Owner

Kalamata's Kitchen

Pitchwire is a pitch-perfect music production studio based out of Knoxville that gives me the great honor of working with them. They don't pitch anything except no-hitters. Check out their Facebook page to learn more about my collaborators and all the other way cool stuff they do.

Albert Murrian


We’re pretty thrilled to be working with Matt Honkonen and Pitchwire for dialogue edits, foley, mixing, sound design and score for our feature film, Flirting with Azrael: A Psychedelic Rock Musical. World class, completely local.

Douglas McDaniel


I had never worked with a composer so I was kinda scared at the beginning but everything changed when I met Matt, he's a fantastic collaborator and put up with all our changes and requests. He put up an amazing score that gave me the chills every time.

Edy Recendez